On 13 October 2017, dr. Marge Paas, the diocesan postulator of the process of beatification, has asked to start in the Estonian Apostolic Administration a formal examination of life, work, virtues, and martyrdom of the Archbishop EDUARD PROFITTLICH, S.J., the Servant of God. Having read the Supex Libellus presented by the postulator, and confirming it with my decree of 27 November 2017, I declare that the process of the beatification is open in the diocese. This edict is published at the request of the postulator according to the provisions of the document Normae Servandae published by the Congregation for the Causes of Saints on 7 February 1983.

I ask all faithful people to provide me with useful information, materials, documents to help
the investigation of beatification of Eduard Profittlich, S.J., in the Estonian Apostolic
Administration. I ask you to submit all information, personal or public, authentic copies of
documents, letters, books to the Secretary General of the Administration Father Igor
I point out that all writings, published and unpublished texts, attachments, diaries, letters,
personal correspondence by the Servant of God Eduard Profittlich, S.J. – original copies of all
documents must be submitted for investigation of the diocesan process.
For all additional questions and information, please contact the postulator dr. Marge Paas at
the Peeter-Paul parish or by writing to katolikuinfo@gmail.com.
Faithfully yours,
+ Bishop Philippe Jourdan
Tallinn, 28.11.2017