Archbishop Eduard Profittlich, S.J.,was a catholic clergyman, a Jesuit, Apostolic Administrator of the Catholic Church in Estonia since 1931 and Archbishop since 1936.

Proffitlich, the first Catholic bishop in Estonia following after the Protestant Reformation, was deported straight from the altar at St. Peter and Paul in Tallinn to Siberia in 1941, dying in Kirov prison in northwestern Russia in 1942. Archbishop Eduard Profittlich, S.J. was ready to accept martyrdom in the faith. This website describes the life of the Archbishop Profittlich, the history of the Estonian Catholic Church and the beatification process of the Servant of God Eduard Profittlich.

He was true Servant of God who had completely sacrificed his life for God and the Estonian Catholic Church, and is an example to many people today, of peace and of faith.

He called upon his flock, with this archbishop-like motto, to live in faith with peace, and often in his sermons recalled those gifts of faith and peace in Christ that all of us have been blessed with, and that we should not lose either of them.

Dr. Marge-Marie Paas, Diocesan Postulator