Sanctorum Mater, Ecclesia eorum memoriam indesinenter custodivit, fidelibus specimina offerens sanctitatis in sequela Christi (Sanctorum Mater, CONGREGATIO DE CAUSIS SANCTORUM)

On May 30, 2003, an investigation was initiated in St. Petersburg, with the confirmation of the Holy See, for the beatification of Archbishop Eduard Profittlich, S.J., and his 15 companions in destiny, all of whom were “witness of faith” of the persecutions in Soviet Russia. However, the canonical investigation came to a halt due to the absence of witnesses for the martyr candidates and the lack of sufficient documentation for the successful conduct of the process in Russia.

By letter of the Holy See, the beatification of the Servant of God Eduard Profittlich, S.J., was given over from Russia to the Estonian Apostolic Administration in 2014. In 2017, Bishop Philippe Jourdan initiated the diocesan process of the official investigation of the beatification of Profittlich, which ended in 2019, and all documents were delivered to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints in Rome.

The beatification of the Servant of God Eduard Profittlich, S.J., continues in Rome.

Photo: Completion of the diocesan investigation. Bishop Philippe Jourdan, confirming the diocesan investigation; Father Pedro Cervio, Promotore Iustitiae.